Sunday, October 2, 2016

New friends


I went on my first away game adventure to the Vancouver game. Even though I was super shy, I met some new friends- one of whom brought a tiny travel watercolor set! I did this quick drawing at a rest stop and gave it to my friend Kevin who needed some happy to spruce up his temporary home. This is what I love about soccer- this is community of friends that you either know really well or just haven't met yet.

This also marks the last piece that I did with my left/non-dominant hand. It was feasible using actual watercolors and paper with the friction, but it's super annoying to do on the iPad. Plus, the point was to let my hand develop a style without my brain forcing it and getting all precious. I've accomplished that and have something to build on that I'm comfortable with. Moving forward, all will be done with my right/dominant hand unless specified otherwise.

Top watercolor by my friend Dan.
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